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tv   KTVU News at 730pm  FOX  October 21, 2012 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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3-0. theriot on deck. mujica in the bullpen. >> joe: that's a four-pitch walk to crawford. with theriot coming up, we'll see if matheny goes to mujica in the bullpen. rzepczynski gets one out. allows a hit and a walk. with theriot coming up, mujica is coming out of the pen. rzepczynski is relieved here in the eighth as the cardinals try to keep this a
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easy. >> joe: first pitch is a ball to ryan theriot. edward mujica, at the deadline from miami. two on, two out, four-run game. he can try to keep it that way. theriot pinch-hitting for casilla. left side. kozma can't get it. gets under his glove. that is another run for the giants. [ applause ] it's 6-1.
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>> tim: ryan theriot came in, in place of marco scutaro in game two. an had a big hit to left centerfield. this spliter from mujica to, theriot waits on it and gets it by the diving kozma. for the sixth giant run. >> joe: the original five-run lead is back. that run is charged to rzepczynski. still responsible for crawford. he is the lead runner. kozma to his left. that ends the inning. the giants add one more. we'll turn it over to romo. going to ninth inning. trying to force game seven. leading same six 6-1. the old girl in? what? it's a brand-new camry. i just bought this. really?
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>> joe: joaquin arias takes over at third base for sandoval. and on the mound is sergio romo. they love romo here. and with good reason. a chance to visit with him prior to game five and one of
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the most appreciative, professional athletes i've run across in a long time. one of the most honest who during the course of the year has gathered his confidence. and now believes maybe he just is good enough to close games at the big league level. >> tim: what a great comment, what a great way to carry himself. and in admits that he has gathered the confidence from his teammates. >> joe: yadier molina, first up. 6-1. giants, here in game six. high fly ball to left. easy for blanco. one out. >> joe: we are two out aceway from what is in my opinion the best this sport has to offer. a game seven in a post season series with a trip on the world series on the line.
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so much coming down to every pitch. every ground ball, every at-bat. just does not get any better. >> joe: ball one to david freese. >> it's like a soccer crowd here in san francisco. >> tim: if it does go to game seven this will be the loudest crowd in the major leagues tomorrow night. >> joe: here is a i 1-1, one out, nobody on. freese. strike two.
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[ cheering ] >> tim: slider. >> joe: two out. >> tim: to know what pitch a lot of pitchers throw. all you to do is watch the catcher. mover outside for romo, a slider is on his way. >> joe: now descalso with two out, nobody on. daniel, 1 for 3. this good bullpen for the giants flexing its muscles here tonight. affeldt, casilla, romo. strike one.
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>> joe: strike two. [ cheering ] >> joe: pagan. game over! game seven tomorrow night. [ cheers & applause ]
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>> joe: bruce bochy and his sixth season as manager of the san francisco giants. lead his team tomorrow night to try to get them to their second world series in his time here in san francisco. cardinals will be trying to fight their way back to defend their title. >> it's remarkable the fifth straight elimination game confronted head on by bruce bochy. and his giants have won every one of them. >> joe: his demeanor never changes. >> tim: no. >> joe: and this made it official. romo did his job. nobody did a better job tonight maybe in this series than the starter tonight,
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ryan vogelsong. let's go down to the field and erin andrews. >> erin: thanks, joe. ryan, incredible performance tonight. setting a new career record with nine strike-outs. you have been comfortable on the mound throughout the entire nlcs. what has been key? >> player: i didn't believe -- i believed that god had a plan for me. and all the hard work and all the travels, to japan and winter ball and he was setting me up for this moment. i just believe it's my time and he is with me. he is doing good things for me right now. >> erin: you mentioned this week this team has a way of feeding off each other. after watching barry's performance in game five, how did it affect you guys? >> player: well, you know, i just try to do the same thing he did was come out here and set the tone early for us. we jumped on carpenter there early and put some runs on the board. we played a great game. the guys played great defense for me. i just tried to emulate him and keep them off the board early and get momentum going our way.
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>> erin: this team mentioned, people counted them out four or five times by now. what do you anticipate game seven tomorrow, at&t park, this crowd, your crazy dugout? >> player: this place will be loud. i can tell you that. i anticipate coming out here and throwing a great game. us showing up like we have the last two nights. the outcome, i don't know, but i can tell you one thing it will be loud here. >> erin: congratulations. go enjoy it. thank you. joe, back to you. >> joe: erin, thank you. congratulations to ryan vogelsong. what a journey it's been for the right-hander. and it has all come together. for number 32 of the giants. we'll take a break and come back. talk about this one and set up game seven after this.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> joe: all san francisco here tonight. again, the final 6-1 in game six. game seven tomorrow night. we'll take you down to ken rosenthal. >> ken: blanco, it seems like you have been hot ever since you got to san francisco. you have five two-hit games in this series. how do you explain what you're doing offensively? >> player: i don't really know, man. just exciting to come to the field every day and having this opportunity, just being in the playoffs is amazing. that's what you work for all off-season and spring training. to be here, just, priceless. >> ken: you have got 2010 great performances out of
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zito and vogelsong the last two games. what do you expect tomorrow night out of matt cain? >> player: he is a gamer. you know, and i think tomorrow we just have to go out there and do our best. and try to score runs early for him, so he starts doing his thing. >> ken: yourself, you didn't make the major league debut until you were 26 years old and you played 11 years now. what would it mean for you to play in your first world series? >> player: i can't wait. that sounds so good. early in my career, didn't get respect in the big leagues and now i have an opportunity to be in the world series, fe me, i can't even imagine. >> ken: thank you. back to you. >> joe: thank you. congratulations to scutaro and the giants. 6-1 win here in game six. the last time there was a game seven in the nlcs, the cardinals were on the road. as they will be tomorrow night. that was adam wainwright with a strike-out of carlos
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beltran, now his teammate. after a dramatic two-run home run by yadier molina in the top half of the ninth inning. the cardinals went on to then taken to detroit tigers. and beat them in the world series. reminder, coming up next, except on the west coast, your local news. then join us tomorrow night. we're back here in san francisco. game seven of the nlcs. matt cain, kyle lohse. we'll see who will face the detroit tiger tigers in the fall classic. coverage begins at 7:30 even, 4:30 pacific. more information on tonight's game and other major league baseball news, go to powered by msn, the world's favorite sports site. for ken, erin, tim, i'm joe from san francisco. this is the nlcs on fox. prior to the world series on fox. we can't wait. i bet you can't either. game seven tomorrow night.
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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news. >>. pagan, it's over, game 7 tomorrow night! >> and with that, your san francisco giants win and force a decisive game 7 at home, nor that nlcs. >> good evening everyone and welcome to this special edition of ktvu channel 2 news. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. >> you saw it right here the
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winner goes on tot world series. >> an exstatic giant fans are pouring out of at&t park and we have live team coverage for you outside of the park and beyond. we start with our own john sasaki live at the ballpark. hi john. >> reporter: hi heather. it's kind of hard to hear you. this place is going nutses as you can imagine. there are more that 42,000 people at at&t park going absolutely nuts. i have to tell you, we were here two years ago in 2010 for the world series run and it's really starting to feel a little bit like that again. i'm joined by two sisters from antioch, angelena and erica perez. >> this is so awesome. they pulled through! they did it. my giants, i love them. we got this. >> let's go game 7. we got
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this baby! >> reporter: as you can see, they are going crazy. tomorrow night game 7 and tonight was the 5th game that they faced elimination in. in a row that they won. one more to complete their task of getting back to the world series for the second time in two years. live in san francisco, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> i wonder if john is going to made it earplugs. his ears will be ringing for a while. >> those fans don't look too much excited. [ laughter ] >> so what are the players saying about tonight's performance? >> this is the 5th straight elimination game the giants have paid. ktvu sports director mark ibañez is live on the field at at&t park. >> reporter:
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thank you, ken. you know the momentum switch in this series is clearly tangible right now. as you said they have staved off elimination and at this point, it's all even. the cardinals if you hadn't notice ready the ones staving off elimination. let's look at some of the early highlights. you could tell off the bat that ryan vogelsong had it going. he comes out and strikes out the side in the very first inning to squelch any idea that the cardinals might have of getting off to a quick start atch and vogelsong went on to a career-high 9 strike-outs. pablo sandoval with a shot to deep centerfield wound up with a 2-base hit and the giants because marco scutaro walked ahead of him were in good
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shape. runners at 2nd and 3rd. buster posey hits a grounder to 3rd and they challenge it. the grounder to freese winds up with a play and giants take the 1-0 lead. in the 2nd, they continue offensively. vogelsong with the fake bunt hit the ground and they can't come up with. the giants have another you run. 12-0. marco scutaro. how many times can this guy come through? clutch hit again down the left- field line. two runs score and that includes ryan vogelsong motoring from 1st base to make it 4-0. if that wasn't good enough, pablo sandoval just out of reach of descalso and the giants are out in front to the
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tune of 5-0. the way ryan vogelsong was throwing had you a comfortable feeling about this ballgame. with the way that vogelsong had things under control that tough cardinal line-up, it was a good victory for the giants. but their work isn't complete, although one felt secure very early onment we'll have some guests very soon, but we'll send it back to the desk. >> dominating performance by ryan vogelsong. >> at&t only holds 41,000 and change and so there were a lot of fans had to find is someplace else to watch the action. >> out in mccovey's a lot of people gathered. >> reporter: heather and ken, it's still very wild and very loud in here right now. you can see they are so excited. now this is a wonderful spot to
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enjoy the game. many of people here are regulars and say if you can't be at the game, you have to be here at mccovey's in walnut creek. the energy has been consistent throughout here. people having a great time, cheering. a lot of extra seats here family-style. so you really get to know the people next to you. it's quite eye crowd out here. i have annie thompson from walnut creek, a huge fan. what did you think of the game tonight? >> i loved it! it was so much energy. it was incredible. vogey did such a great job for us tonight. i loved it! >> reporter: a lot of people come out here for every postseason game. what do you think about the energy here at mccovey's? >> there is no better energy except for being at the game. it's great. so i love. it i live here, right up the street. i


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